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The Route

The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad round trip excursion is an exciting mix of mountain top scenery and rich transportation history. Leaving Cumberland, the route travels west through a breach in the Allegheny Mountains over an iron truss bridge, around Helmstetter’s Horseshoe Curve and through the 914 foot Brush Tunnel under Piney Mountain. Climbing grades up to 2.8% on the 16 mile trek, the route follows the former Western Maryland Railroad right-of-way, then joins the old Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad…

WMSR Route Map

The Highlights

Point your mouse on any of the boxes below to learn more about the highlights along the route.

Western Maryland Railway Station

Dating back to 1913, and home to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad and Canal Place, the Western Maryland Railway Station has been painstakingly restored.

The Narrows

This natural cut in the mountains was America’s first Gateway To The West, used by the National Road, the B&O, C&P and Western Maryland railways.

Double Truss Bridge

Leaving the Narrows, our train crosses a Double Truss Bridge over the National Road before heading north past Wills Mountain toward Mount Savage.

Helmstetter's Curve

One of the most famous railroad landmarks east of the Mississippi River and a favorite photo spot for train buffs, Helmstetter’s Curve is a half-mile arc that sweeps across Cash Valley.

Brush Tunnel

Constructed in 1911, this 914-foot long curving portal was originally built for a pair of railroad tracks. Since our railroad uses only one, there is now room for the GAP bicycle trail in the tunnel.

Woodcock Hollow

A hairpin turn and an increase in grade are sure signs that we’ve arrived at Woodcock Hollow, rarely seen until the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad began operations in 1988.

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