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Murder Mystery Train

Join us for dinner and a show! Our Murder Mystery trains depart from Cumberland to Frostburg. Step aboard for an evening of comedic improvisation and interactive murder mystery fun! Performances take place on-board while guests relax in one of two heritage dining cars.

Dining Class guests enjoy a 3-course meal consisting of salad, choice of entrée, and a signature dessert of Chef’s choice. Guests can also enjoy a cash bar serving a selection of wine and beer as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

Boarding begins at 5:30pm; train departs at 6:00pm. This 3 hour excursion will return to Cumberland at 9:00pm. Advance reservations are required.

NOTE: Murder Mystery shows are designed for an adult audience and may contain some mild adult humor and innuendo not suitable for children.

Dining Service*

Crocodile “M” for Murder (current day)
A shady con man masquerading as a legitimate Australian travel agent is causing trouble for everyone who crosses his path. His shoddy travel packages have already resulted in a newlywed’s breakup and a drop in the Australian tourism industry. What’s next?
April 8     April 22
May 6     May 13
May 20     June 3
June 10    June 17
Bonded by Murder (current day)
After 10 years of playing international super-spy Ian Strong on the silver screen, actor Roger Less is hoping to come back for one more Strong flick, but the Executive Producer of the film series has other ideas. Ian Strong movies are renowned for their exotic locales, big budgets and of course, those beautiful Strong Girls. Every actor and agent in Hollywood would kill to secure the next Ian Strong movie, and maybe, just maybe, one actually will.
June 24     July 1
July 8    July 15
July 29    August 5
August 12
August 26
September 9
Mild Thing (1957)
The golden age of professional football appears to be over. The rough and tumble players of the 30’s and 40’s have been replaced by the pampered athletes of the 1950’s, who expect to be paid well in excess of $2500 a year just to play a game! If only we had more gridiron heroes like Mustang “Wild Thing” McGillicutty. You’re about to meet “Wild Thing” as he gets set to enter the NFA Hall of Fame, but a lot of people are acting very strangely as they prepare for the induction. Will everyone live to see the ceremony?
September 16     September 23
September 30     October 7
October 14
There’s Something About Swen (current day)
Join us for an auction of some very rare and very old writings and artwork. Northeby’s Auction House will sell off a brilliant collection of historical pieces tonight. Auctioneer Alex Northeby is hoping the plans go off without a hitch, but an eccentric Swede may interfere with this high-society event. Magnus Swartling has been running around telling anyone who will listen that Christopher Columbus is a fraud. Magnus believes his ancestor, Swen Swartling, arrived in the New World in 1491, one year before the more famous explorer. Can the story possibly be true? How could such a claim be proven? And, why does Magnus want everyone to eat tree bark and drink seawater on Thanksgiving?
October 21     October 28
November 4

Additional fees will apply to the rates listed above.  During the month of October, all rates increase by $5.

For any ticket option that includes dinner, guests will be given a choice of entrees at the time the reservation is being placed. All menu selections must be made at this time. Changes may be made until one week prior to departure date.

Due to the historic nature of our equipment, limited handicapped seating is available. Please call our office, 1-800-TRAIN50, to discuss your needs.

All on-board sales are cash only.  We do not accept credit cards while on-board at this time.

The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad makes every effort to maintain its schedule, but reserves the right to alter schedules or equipment as operating conditions warrant.

Cancellations must be made at least one week prior to departure date for full credit which can be used for up to one year. Cancellations after that will be given credit for the cost of the ticket only which can be used for up to one year. Food costs cannot be credited due to commitments already in place.

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