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Trains Magazine Fall Photo Freight – The Experience 2017-03-21T19:54:23+00:00

The Experience

For three days and two evenings, the Western Maryland Railroad will make its entire main line available to the Trains Magazine Steam Photo Freight Charter Train. Participants will have exclusive occupancy of the railroad and create photo opportunities wherever—under whatever circumstances—good planning and the ability to adapt quickly may offer.

The trains will run to provide the maximum opportunities for participants, and not according to some set or artificial schedule. Trains Magazine videographer and contributor Kevin Gilliam will coordinate the stops and runbys. There will be classic photo opportunities at Helmstetter’s Curve, night photography at Cumberland and Frostburg Stations, day and evening opportunities at Ridgeley Shop, and a dozen possibilities along the Main Track from Maryland Junction to the turntable at Frostburg.

The program will include several seldom-seen or completely new locations, such as Maryland Junction, the Woodcock Hollow landslide site, and the entirely new panoramic curve at the site of the February, 2016 landslide. That view is unlike anywhere else on the Western Maryland Railroad. This will be the first steam freight through the new post-landslide landscape.

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