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Trains Magazine Fall Photo Freight – Operations 2017-03-21T18:45:56+00:00


This Trains Magazine Photo Freight will “own” the railroad for the entire three days of operations. We will have a schedule and program, but both will be subject to change based on weather, light, and operating opportunities.

We will not be required to clear up for scheduled moves or be at any particular place at any particular time. Western Maryland Railroad will have qualified crews aboard both trains for as long as it takes to execute the day’s runs. The operations will be dictated by the available photographic opportunities.

At each photo stop, there will be at least four vestibules available for detraining and entraining. One of our objectives will be to get folks safely into position as efficiently as possible. Another will be to see that everyone has equal access to prime locations, good shots, and creative opportunities.

At most layover points and during pre-departure and post-arrival intervals, participants will be welcome to shoot servicing activities and visit with the crews in the cabs of both steam and diesel locomotives.

We anticipate doing each runby at least twice, and more times if conditions or demand warrant. Participants will have ample opportunity to trade positions, find alternative shots, and generally be where they want to be to capture the images they wish.

Western Maryland Railroad senior staff will coordinate all operations in cooperation with Trains Magazine staff. Again, our objective will be to provide the most creative, dynamic, engaging photo opportunities possible. We will welcome feedback and advice from participants, and adjust operations as needed.


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