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Amenities and Protocols

The Western Maryland Railroad understands that railroad photography can be strenuous and demanding—especially at this level. The Chase Train will be heated or cooled as appropriate—late September weather in the Allegheny Mountains can be warm and delightful or cold and surprising.

Please dress appropriately for the weather predicted at the time of the trips. WMRR requires sturdy, appropriate footware and encourages long pants and the use of insect repellant. We will be in and near brush and native grasses, which house all sorts of critters. Be especially mindful of ticks, gnats, and mosquitos.

On Days Two and Three, a Continental Breakfast will be available on board the dining cars. Lunch will be aboard the dining cars on Days Two and Three. Dinner will be aboard the dining cars at Frostburg on the evening of Day One, and as a buffet dinner at Frostburg Station the evening of Day Two. Snacks and hot/cold beverages will be available on the train at all times.

These all are included in the ticket price.

It is our intent that trip participants can concentrate on photography and the railroad experience, and not be distracted by small details like finding food over the course of the three days.

The train will have full restroom facilities. There will be ample generator-supplied 120 VAC  throughout the train for charging batteries and other uses, although WMRR cannot guarantee that it is “clean” current suitable for delicate electronics. The cars carry First Aid kits and the crew will be ready to assist with any concerns.

During the trip periods, WMRR will have car hosts on each car to assist with entraining, detraining, and other needs. While WMRR cannot absolutely guarantee security for the cars at all times during the event days, we feel the risk to any equipment you wish to leave on board to be minimal. We suggest that you carry off all equipment at the end of each day.

There will be no assigned seating. Please be respectful of your colleagues, and we hope that you will make yourselves comfortable with each other over the course of the three days.

Early in the trip, WMRR will offer a short safety briefing, discussion of protocols, and description of the trip schedule.



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